Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh Halloween! Such a fun time of year for the kids. For parents it's almost a nightmare. Well, for me anyways. It starts out with the costumes. My oldest, Sutton, there is never a problem but then the complaining begins with Katlyn early on. It's too tight or too cold or sometimes too hot. Pieces of her costume mysteriously start disappearing as the night moves on and then she mad at the end of the night that she's lost her magic wand or whatever it might be at that time. Oh and then there's Kambel. She is angry that she has been forced to wear a ridiculous outfit and still be cooperative. The fights with her over wearing headpieces are always won by her. Ofcourse the costume comes with an oh so adorable headpiece that I can't resist from trying to "sneak" it on her head. And then we have the candy! Katlyn and Sutton who are neglected from candy sneak as much as possible into their mouth's without me seeing. I probably say a hundred times during the night "that is enough candy". Unfortunately I am distracted by the other 40 screaming children who are having a sugar meltdown, I don't see the 200 pieces of candy that enter my children's stomaches. I guess Halloween makes for great pictures.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everyday is a journey filled with excitement for me. Life is funny, whether it be Kambel learning a new concept, Katlyn surprising me with her wit, learning Sutton isn't that little boy anymore, or finding something more special about Ty than the day before. I can't turn my head for a second without loosing out on an experience.