Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Valentines Weekend EVER

It started off with beautiiful flowers on Friday and then a surprise diner to Gumbos. Honestly I hate seafood but Ty took me there for more sentimental reasons. Gumbos is where he proposed to me with the "jacket trick". It was cold the night he proposed, so he gave me his jacket like the gentleman he is. He asked me to look in my pocket and there it was.....the ring that began it all. So sweet! Sunday he brought me the newest edition to my Angels. He said it reminded him of kambel and I because she always gives me the sweetest kisses. My V-Day card was filled with his sweet words and a massage that he insist I get. We finished the weekend with a movie at Gold Class and just an all around great Valentines
Oh the spectacular (and yummy) cookies were a special delivery from my sweet friend Stacy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cool Pictures

From over the the kids break. We took a mini trip to the Omni Hotel in Austin. It was pretty cool for the kids to get to stay at a hotel and have their own kid room. Unfortuntely it was closely attached to my room so it got old pretty quik. The kids swam at the indoor pool during the day and then after diner out they would run wild through our small living spaces until bedtime. Soooo as nice as it was to not be stuck in my house with all 3 kids it would have been nicer to have had no kids at all there at the hotel. I'm just being honest.......

Rascal Flatts

Best concert EVER!! Ty got me tickets for Christmas and it was an awesome present to say the least. We saw them a couple years ago but they were even better this time around. Thank GOD you were there sing every single song with me!! Ty knew a few but really loved it when they jammed out to Metallica! Thanks babe for a great time!

Oh and thanks Steven for saving us with your handy "ice scraper" marked Costco!