Sunday, February 10, 2013

San Antonio!

We love going to San Antonio. WE took a mini trip for 4th of July this past summer and had a great time. We swam, we shopped, we went to the river walk, stopped off in Gruene to visit the Gristmill, saw awesome fireworks, and just had a blast!

Fun with April!

Oh how I love my April! She came up again this summer. We laughed, we ate, we, drank, and we got new tattoos! This tattoo was ofcourse very special to me. It symbolizes Ty. It is the beautiful willow tree, means rooted in love....

Katlyn rocked the water!

This summer Katlyn swam for the Brushy Creek Marlins. It consumed our entire summer but it was well worth the time. We practiced almost everyday and had an all day swim meet every Saturday starting at 6AM. Thank Jesus Ty likes getting up at 5AM beacuse I would not have survived;) She took First for event in all strokes nearly every meet. She is freaking awesome!

Kambel learned to swim!

Kambel took the plunge this last summer. No floatties! Just her and the water...and she was pretty dang proud!

Mother's Day 2012

I am sooo behind in my blog I am completely skipping important events! Anyhoo, last Mother's Day Ty surprised me with a weekend trip away. Here is a picture of my favorite part of the trip!