Monday, August 16, 2010

Life's A Bitch...

Oh I'm sorry I meant to say...... A BEACH!! Everytime I take a sip from my new favorite wine glass I seem to remember how peachy life isn't sometimes. I guess it's all worth it huh when you are surrounded by an awesome family and the best friend you could ever hope for!!
Thanks Lotus for the cutest wine glass EVER!

My Favorite...

Flowers that is...... are my most favorite. Want to know how to make my day, well bring me something that blooms. These flowers in particular are my most favorite flower. The beautiful Gladiolus. Thank you my love. Even though things are so stressful and chaotic right now, you still find time to make me smile. Love you!

The House Is On The Market

Check out the link! If you know of ANYONE that is looking to buy, it's a great house!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kambel Turned Two

Daddy and I took little MISS PRISS for a Birthday diner at Z' Tejas, and it was yummy in her tummy(and in mine too)!