Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katie Turns 6!

Well, she actually turned 6 in June but we know how behind I am on this blog.....SORRY! For her Birthday I baked her a cake and she got Emily, (now she wants Molly) her new favorite American Girl. A couple days later (picture soon to come) she celebrated with little miss Megan with a Birthday bash at the Alamo Draft House. They invited there closest friends, and watched the oh so majical movie, Tangled!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

These are cute too!

The first one is me dancing the night away.......by myself. This was took right before I was tricked into going onstage with the other "bachelorettes", which would be the second picture you see. We all had to do a dance to a very well known song BABY GOT BACK (something I am lacking) by the great Sir Mix-a-lot. It was a sight to see to say the least!

Another Favorite Birthday Pic

Sorry!! I am so behind on my blog. This summer has been so busy and one of the craziest yet! Anyhoo, here is another fav from my Birthday. This cake Lotus had made fit juuuust RIGHT!