Saturday, October 30, 2010

We did it....

Yea, yea, we did it! We finally sold our house. We pratically gave it away...... how low can you go! Oh well, we sold pretty quik and we got the house that we we're meant to be in, without a doubt. We couldn't be any happier. We are so grateful for our beautiful new home! Here is the link to see start to finish. We didn't build it but if we had I swear we wouldn't have changed a thing!
Buyer ID - 21262011
Password - tylerj05

Pumpkin Carving??

Yes I did a little pumpkin carving for Katie's class last week and it was quite an experience. I can't say I loved it....all the "guts" sticking between my fingers and the slimey pumpkin seeds I had to dig out! It was very cute though, how excited the kids were and how cool they thought Katlyn was for having her MOM come carve with her and her friends. I suppose it was worth the ear to ear smile plastered on Katlyn's face!

Play Date

So...... I'm usually not into the "playdate" thing. I have had some horrible experiences when trying to gather a group of small children together and force them to all share with one another. I gave it another try though, and it ended up being the opposite of chaos. It was surprisingly a peaceful time with my other mama friends and a social learning time for all our little ones. Maybe I can do a playdate.....we will see.

Oh and Thanks Jana for the GORGEOUS flowers!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks Guys!

Awww thanks my fabulous short haired friend! That hair style would only look super groovy on you. The Dickey's barbecue was great and the wine was divine! Love you guys!!!