Sunday, February 28, 2010

Date Night

It was date night this Saturday and we shared it with the Kiffe couple. We always have the best time with those guys. We all had a scrumptious yet FREE diner at the newly built Maggiano's. It is the absolute best italian food I have ever tasted in my life!

I am in my little black dress and someone needs to see.......

Always Fun With the Kids

I thought this was so cute. The kids and some of their friends linked their wagons together and took a train ride around, and around, and around, the coldisac. You forget sometimes how easily they can be entertained if you let them use their imaginations.

Beautiful Baby

Ty doesn't usually take very good pictures but this was majical. With a few touch ups over the runny nose and a little cropping this will be beautiful in our picture room (currently the cramped office). I think black and white will work the best.

Snow Day

It will be the only one for the rest of the year. Probably for the next 5 years. Texas doesn't like the white wintery season and always keeps the sun on hand to melt anything that might even be a glimmer of hope for the famous 3 tiered snowman. It was beautiful while it lasted and amazing how big the flakes were that fell. Katlyn tryed to catch the biggest snowflakes on her tongue, Sutton and Ty made a very creative "snowboy" and Kambel, well she wasn't too happy with the new found cold!
Kambel don't eat the yellow snow.............

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love is in the Air

Flowers and candy and kisses and hugs...........

I just love Valentines Day. It's just another excuse to buy pink and red. I love, love, love, pink especially. Ofcourse it's only appropriate to have these vibrant colors for the big February 14th. It's also an excuse for me to throw the word love around which I LOVE to do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kisses From Morgan

No not from me this time. The kisses are from our dog MORGAN. Yes that's her name. Unfortunatley there are two Morgans in our home. Thankfully, the only thing we have in common are the kisses we give baby Kambel.

The Dance of the Year

Well, it was for Katlyn. Unfortunately, for dad not the best Valentines Dance. He said he asked her 5 times to dance just one dance! She refused. See she had found a dancing partner and left Daddy behind. I told him he should know that this dance will not be the last heart break from his little girl. Better luck next dance...........................
Poor Daddy!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Wow this place is nuts! It's like going to Slitterbaun over and over. If your not swimming or riding the rides there is an arcade, ice cream shop, a animatronic story time and majic wand game that make things come to life. It was a bit overwelming but fun for the kids. I definitely wouln't go there to relax or have a little "peace and quite".

Thanks Reardon Family for the FUN yet crazy trip to THE MAJIC TIME MACHINE!

Tea Party with Samantha

Thank you Mrs. Sarah for the sweet tea party........

Sorry, that was our first one so elbows off the table is not yet a habit. We will try harder next time to hit the "prim and proper"!

Yearly AD Party

Oh so much fun. The VP of Chili's came out this year and watched us crazies act a fool!! Well, maybe I was the only crazy one in the room!! OK , ok (the truth is) April and I both were a bit crazy this reunion. Thanks April for the tons of fun. Bobby, Ty's boss, graciously opened up his mini castle to entertain all us wives and AD's. No Eva Longoria again. I don't know why he wouldn't let us tap, tap, tap on her window again this year. She's a window away. For real, Ty's boss lives next door to Eva Longoria. I think we could be great pals. Really! Don't you agree April??