Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is the one I want.......

A Greenhouse??

Well, this weekend we spent our time planting flowers and a couple of my fav veges and herbs. I love organic fruits and vegetables but growing them yourself isn't always the easiest! We tryed a couple things last spring and they failed. Sooooo we are planning to get a greenhouse. Actually it's what I want for my Birthday. What do you think? Well I think it's a great idea! Ty had one growing up and he has some knowledge on how to maintain them. With his brains, my determination, and a little research I believe we can do it!

Friday, March 18, 2011


This little lady has some sas in all that sweetness! She got the princess tutu for going potty in the potty all week long. I think were done....that was easy!

Happy St. Patty's Day

Thanks Dara for the great party......we loved all the green and great food!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Very Sweet Picture

There was a lady passing out flowers at Kambel's school so Kambel insisted on hanging on to them the car ride home. They lost some length through the ride but nevertheless she carried them in proud as can be. She ran to the cabinets and pointed to the drinking glasses. She communicated in her own way to fill up the cup. I gave her the glass so she could put the flowers in it and then she ran to my bathroom and sat them by my bathtub. She was so excited to give me those flowers.....she's so special.

Sweet Thoughts From Friends

Well all of you that read my blog all know that I went under the knife for the FIRST time (those two are all naturale....sorta) Feb. 18th. My hubby, Lotus, and Nat were there to see me off to dream world. Waking up was a bit scary and Cedar Park Hospital isn't the friendliest. The revovery has been better than expected besides some headache issues, but I'm getting past that. Everyone has been so sweet and willing to help. The gifts, food, flowers, and company has been so nice. I think Lotus spent her entire week at my house on the couch probably texting everyone she wanted to git! Just kidding.........she doesn't like people to know how sweet she can be but she was as sweet as packaged Kool-Aid. I know everyone wanted to to help from their hearts. Thank you to everyone!